Hello Breasties NFT

Randomly generated, unique and super cute breasties empowering women, raising awareness and celebrating diversity, equality and inclusivity on the Solana blockchain.

Hello Breasties is part of the Hello Universe who, in playful, light-hearted and engaging way, along with our amazing community exists to:

• Encourage girls and women to dream big

• Accelerate fair and equitable access to women achieving their dreams

• Celebrate and support purpose-driven art from artists sharing similar values

• Contribute to overcoming large-scale social issues of global importance – starting with breast cancer awareness, support and research

Each Hello Breastie is an O.G.

None of them are the same, just like the real world, they come in all shapes and sizes. Each Breastie is randomly generated from over 250 unique attributes selected based on different rarities.

Ultra rare 1 of 1s

These breasties are the chosen ones that were unplugged and escaped the generative matrix. Minting one of these is like that time you saw a unicorn. They’re bespoke, designed, and minted as individual NFTs and their attributes can’t be found on any other breastie!

  • DateNovember 20, 2021
  • CategoryIllustration
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