7-Eleven ParcelMate Kiosk Application

7-Eleven ParcelMate is a self serve parcel service that allows Australians to drop off parcels conveniently at any time of the day in participating stores with the use of this kiosk app. I was part of a discovery and delivery scrum team and led the UI and the initial UX of this project. Working closely with 7-Eleven stakeholders in making sure that the brand direction and marketing information is maintained and integrated throughout the product.

7-Eleven ParcelMate is launched and available to the public.

Duration of project: 4 months

Discovery phase

We usability tested a full working high fidelity wireframe prototype which helped us in prioritising the features that we introduced into the design and build phase for MVP. We also performed the KANO Model prioritisation framework in our user interviews to manage the importance of requirements in relation to timeframe and budget against various factors such as, viabilitydesirability, and feasibility.



Design & build: Final MVP output

As this is a self serve product, we introduced illustrations that mimic the real satchels and boxes that is on site at the kiosk for customer reference. We also introduced a progress indicator and a fixed context panel that updates in real time on the app throughout the self serve process in order to achieve a seamless and easy to use and understand experience.

UI Kit

As part of the delivery output, a UI Kit is also created during the process of building ParcelMate to ensure that all assets and components are documented based on the atomic design system.


  • Client7-Eleven
  • DateFebruary 2, 2020
  • CategoryIllustration, UI/UX
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